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Developing GUI App (Bevy) in VSCode DevContainer (Wayland)
·253 words·2 mins
code rust tips bevy
AWS (or other service provider) SMTP Port 25 Inbound
·154 words·1 min


TI-89 Multiple Variables on One Line
·109 words·1 min
Clever preprocessor macro in HLSL
·457 words·3 mins
hlsl code tips gpu
Steam VR Workshop Content Update Loop
·516 words·3 mins
A single method that can work with either a List or an Array (IEnumerable and ICollection)
·296 words·2 mins
unity code tips c#
Round a number to some multiple of another number
·201 words·1 min
code tips
Testing C# code in the browser
·42 words·1 min
code tips c#
Element-wise Vector Multiplication in Unity (Vector3.Scale)
·79 words·1 min
unity code tips
The top 5 things Ive learned as an Indie Unity Developer
·1402 words·7 mins
unity programming code tips