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Yes, you CAN serialize abstract classes in Unity
·1206 words·6 mins
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A single method that can work with either a List or an Array (IEnumerable and ICollection)
·296 words·2 mins
unity code tips c#
Round a number to some multiple of another number
·201 words·1 min
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Testing C# code in the browser
·42 words·1 min
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Element-wise Vector Multiplication in Unity (Vector3.Scale)
·79 words·1 min
unity code tips
The top 5 things Ive learned as an Indie Unity Developer
·1402 words·7 mins
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Serializing Interfaces in Unity
·544 words·3 mins
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Unity Events
·279 words·2 mins
unity programming
Keep colors when piping commands on Linux
·323 words·2 mins
Allow Chrome to run WebGL apps from the local file system
·85 words·1 min